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Hey everyone. I'm Cat, and I'm a 15 year old highschool sophomore. I've been diving since 7th grade, but I'm not very good.

I'm pretty close to getting a front 2 tuck and back 1 1/2 tuck, but I just can't get myself to go for it and throw them, even though I know I can!

Does anyone have any tips for getting over unsubstantiated fear of new dives?

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Hey everyone.
For practice tonight we did a good hour and a half of playing on the tramp. Awesome fun!
We played add on and 3 trick "horse". Since Evan joined the team, he has been rockin out the mad tramp skills (front 3/4 flip to back, front double, etc.) And he's making me want to learn new exciting things.

So if anyone has any sweet tramp moves, lemme know. Perhaps I'll post some descriptions later.

(learned tonight: knee drop, back somie to knees.)
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new to smackfest?

Hi, I'm Shelby, and I've been looking for a diving community everywhere! But I found one (finally) that isn't scuba diving, which is good.

So lets see, I don't do tower, my favorite dive is 305c 5134d on three meter, I practice at Mason (where CAA's were held) with Patriot Dive Club...

The pipes help me spot, on the record. Also, the big Mason Diving thing on the wall.
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My season's over too!
America East champs this past weekend. I didn't place well, but I did all my dives well, so it's all good.

Plus, I did my best 5251D ever. (3m). And I saw some awesome diving by Boston and Northeastern especially. A couple of ripped 3 1/2s. Gorgeous.

diving season is over!

i am kind of glad that the season is over because no more practice, but sad because i still want to dive!! lol. so yesterday at state i took 5th place and my boys and i took the state championship!! hell yes! i wish i personally could have placed better than 5th, but being a state champion is pretty damn awesome!